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Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. and Penny Lane

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 00:00, Apr 26 2019

Miguel Nunez, Jr of Return of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th Part 5, Juwanna Mann and the new film Worth! Along with Penny Lane director of Hail Satan?

Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. and Penny Lane Download

Miguel Nunez opened the show!
- his new film "Worth" now on Amazon Prime and Tubi!
- Eduardo Castrillo
- "Return of the Living Dead"
- Linnea Quigley
- "Friday the 13th : The New Beginning"
- "Juwanna Mann"
- Eddie Murphy
- overcoming homelessness and much more

Penny Lane then joined the show
- her new film "Hail satan?"
- Lucien Greaves
- Jex Blackmore
- Boston Underground Film Festival and more!

"Nasty" Neal wrapped up the show with:
- "The Ranger" coming to Shudder
- is 2019 the year of the "Critters"?
- James Wan wants to remake "Salem's Lot"
- "The Velocipastor"
- "The Curse of La Llorona" review and more!

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