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Slashers, Monsters and Haunted Dresses!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 23:43, Nov 21 2019

The star of "Behind the Mask : The Rise of Leslie Vernon" Nathan Baesel! Director Ty Cheman and star Mark Bogumil of "Not Another Movie Monster"! Peter Strickland writer/director of A24's "In Fabric"!

Slashers, Monsters and Haunted Dresses! Download

Nathan Baesel opened the show!
- getting the role of Leslie Vernon
- mask vs unmasked performance
- the mask itself
- the scythe
- potential for a sequel
- returning to acting and more!

Director Ty Cheman and star Mark Bogumil of "Not Another Movie Monster"!
- making the movie
- how they met
- Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival
- local Buffalo movie community
- local screenings
- upcoming BluRay release and more!

Peter Strickland closed the show!
- haunted dresses and where the idea came from
- contrast of styles and feel in the movie
- writing dialogue
- audience interpretations of the film
- nightmares and more!

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"Haddonfield Horror II", "Camp Crystal Lake" and "Catacombs" by Music of the Month The Bad Whoremoans!

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