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Behind the Monsters - Tom Woodruff, Jr.

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 00:31, Feb 05 2021

Tom Woodruff Jr. of "Alien 3", "Pumpkinhead", "The Monster Squad", "Tremors" and more.


Oscar award winning make-up FX artist on "It", "Godzilla vs Kong", "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom", "Jumanji", "Death Becomes Her", "Starship Troopers" and more!

Hosted by "Nasty" Neal Jones, "Terrible" Troy Jones and "Treacherous" Trista Robinson!

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Monster Squad
Alien 3
Harbinger Down

- breaking into the movies business
- Stan Winston
- Lance Henriksen
- Terminator
- Aliens
- being an Alien
- Pumpkinhead
- James Cameron
- Harbinger Down
- Universal Monsters
- The Monster Squad
- playing a gorilla and more!

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