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From The Grave

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 05:20, Jan 04 2008


WYH arose from the grave and made their return once again. We went over many topics and took many calls from our fans.

We went over some current DVD releases such as Halloween Unrated, Room 1408 and Hatchet. We also talked about films currently in playing like Sweeney Todd and I Am Legend.

All this and many more horror and off topic discussions. Listen now kiddies before it's too late. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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08:40, Jan 04 2008

Are you guys excited about the new batman with the crazy joker played by Heath Ledger?? I am excited to see someone try to play a role that Jack Nicholson did a fantastic job with....

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14:51, Jan 04 2008

I'm really looking forward to it. I loved the last Batman movie, it's going to be hard to live up to Jack's Joker.

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