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Jon Knuatz of Jack Brooks Monster Slayer & John Gulager of Feast

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 16:15, Oct 25 2008


Jon Knuatz director of "Jack Brooks Monster Slayer" and John Gulager of "Feast" & "Feast II Sloppy Seconds"!

Jon Knuatz and John Gulager Download

It was new Monster Movie night on WYH as we interviewed 2 directors of recent monster films.

In the preshow we talked about some new DVD's such as Zombie Strippers, Jack Brooks and Feast II. We also let everyone know about our give away where you can win both a poster signed by Tomas Alfredson (director of Let the Right One In) and the English adaption of the Swedish best-selling novel!! Please email withoutyourhead@hotmail.com with your name and address to enter to win.

Official Website & Trailer

In the first interview we talked to Jon Knuatz, director of "Jack Brooks Monster Slayer". We talked about working with Robert Englund, finishing his first feature film, using real special effects not CGI, the monsters, his favorite films and much more.

Official Jack Brooks Website

In the 2nd interview we talked to John Gulager of Feast & Feast II Sloppy Seconds, both available now on DVD. This was one of the crazier interviews in WYH history. We talked about Monster "junk", midgets, naked biker chicks, directing his father, lobsters, finishing Feast III and so much more I don't want to give away so listen now !!!

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