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4th Annual Friday the 13th Special

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 16:22, Feb 15 2009


In the 4th Annual Friday the 13th Special we reviewed the 2009 version of Friday the 13th and the His Name Was Jason DVD. John, Neal and Troy were joined by Mikey Mike and WYH regulars Tommy, Andre and Loser Boy. Check it out !!!

4th Annual Friday the 13th Special Download

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15:52, Feb 17 2009

this is THEROCK610 don't always agree with you and this time i didn't on the new movie,but i did i on some the old ones.and the documentary his name was jason put me to sleep a couple of times,my girl asked me if tom savini was gay.so that tells you how silly and bad his acting was.but you guys are def cool will continue to listen to your show,which is way better then the deadpit,no offense if thier friends of yours ,but you guys are way better.


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08:05, Feb 19 2009

Thanks man, we don't always agree with eachother, I think that's just natural . As long as we all have fun that's the main thing. Thanks for listening dude

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